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    Subtropical Garden & Pool Services cc
    For all your irrigation, landscaping,
    swimming pool design & construction requirements
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    Subtropical Garden and Pool Services cc
    We offer new manual & automatic irrigation systems or
    service & repairs to exisitng systems
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    We S-A-V-E clients since June 1995 through our
    Service - Accountability - Value - Excellence

What we offer

We offer Irrigation, Landscaping, Tree felling, Instant lawn, Fertilizers,
Compost * Lawndressing, Koi ponds, New pools, Pool repairs & renovations

Automatic or manual irrigation systems

An irrigation system is a home improvement project worth considering. Not only will it help maintain a healthy beautiful landscape which you can enjoy with your friends and family, but it’s the most convenient and efficient way to ensure your landscape gets the water it needs without over-or under-watering. When it is properly installed and maintained an irrigation system will help conserve water too.

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Compost, lawn dressing and topsoil

Organic Compost has added Gypsum plus, the gypsum looks like little white stones but it is not a stone it’s a lime and will break down into the soil over time and is an excellent soil enhancer. It does not look very nice but the analysis of the product is excellent organic Compost is guaranteed weed free product and is perfect for your flower beds and vegetable gardens. The organic can be used on the lawn but as it contains gypsum therefore it’s best you use a Mushroom Compost.

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Concrete and fibreglass swimming pools

We have a shape and size for every home. Moulded fibreglass pools (10 year factory backed warranty). The modern, quick, no mess way to install a swimming pool. Super strong, beautifully finished, each of our moulded fibreglass swimming pool shells are factory made to export standards, using the best materials and the latest technology available.

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Fertilising - weed - fungi and pest control programmes

Fertiliser, weed, fungi and pest control are key areas of landscape maintenance and the only way to be consistent in keeping a garden well manicured is to invest in a program like this to ensure that action is taken before it’s too late.

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Garden service, pool service and much more

Rent a Gardener (Pty) Ltd, incorporating Rent a Domestic offers permanent or managed placement staff as well as fully equipped mobile team gardeners, advanced gardeners, domestics, office cleaners, child minders, nannies, au-pairs, drivers and painters to serve the cleaning requirements of residential, body corporate, home owner associations, commercial and industrial property clients.

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G-Flow grey water systems

The G-Flow is an easy to install, low maintenance, affordable, robust and reliable grey water system. Using water from the washing machine, shower, bath and bathroom sinks, the G-Flow automatically diverts, filters and disperse the water

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Heat pump or solar panel swimming pool heating

A Heat Pump is a machine similar in principal to an air conditioner that works in reverse cycle. It extracts heat from the outside atmosphere and transfers it to water (e.g. your swimming pool) thereby increasing the water temperature.

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Instant lawn installations

Roll on turf allows you to enjoy a lawn of instant beauty and maturity without the usual time-consuming hassles of seeding or planting runners. The following are the basic steps to a beautiful lawn.

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Irrigation preventative maintenance

Irrigation is a key part of landscaping in South Africa and the only way to be consistent in keeping a property well watered during an unstable weather cycle.

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Koi and fish ponds

Koi grow to the size of their bloodline. If you are buying your Koi from us you will know that Japanese Koi have the biggest growth potential of all Koi. This means that the cute little babies you bought from us a year ago are now not so small and cute but rather sprouting up like the proverbial weeds, whilst eating you out of house and home at the same time. And if you are feeding them one of the Hikari growth diets you will see just why we recommend 1 fish per 1 000 litres.

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Lanscape design and installations

Autumn and Winter months are the best time of the year to start planning your next Spring and Summer garden. Although most plants will go dormant now, the roots are still actively growing and getting establishing every month.

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New swimming pools, repairs and renovations

Whether you require a new pool - concrete or pre-moulded fibreglass, a new pump, the sand in the filter to be changed or the old pool to be re-surfaced, we offer a comprehensive service to cover all aspects of a swimming pool.

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Tree felling and trimming

e specialise in the cutting and/or removal of problem trees. If you are in doubt one of our tree professionals can help you decide whether or not a tree should be removed. Our trained teams have all the equipment and experience to safely and efficiently remove your trees. We are an expert tree removal service and our employees pride themselves on their ability to work together in coordination to bring a tree down without damage to your property.

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Subtropical Garden & Pool Services cc, since June 1995!  

For all your irrigation, landscaping, swimming pool, organic material, instant lawn, tree felling, pots,

water features, koi ponds and professional garden and pool equipment requirements.

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