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Aqua Heat SF060 - Single or three phase

R66 234

Category: Heat pumps

The AQUAHEAT heat pump is designed for heating swimming pools. It removes heat from the surrounding air and transfers the heat to the swimming pool water by means of a titanium heat exchanger.

Most pool owners rarely enjoy their pool's full use due to the water being too cold. Without swimming pool heating the average pool can only be used an average of four months of the year. With solar heating this time increases to an average of six to eight months of the year, although this is heavily dependent on the weather as solar heating can only operate in perfect sunshine. With an AQUAHEAT heat pump your pool can be enjoyed all year round.

The AQUAHEAT heat pump is the perfect addition to your swimming pool or spa and if you can afford to own a pool, you can afford to heat it too. Enjoy your pool in the style that you deserve with a AQUAHEAT heat pump.

With an AQUAHEAT heat pump you can enjoy your pool all year round and swim whenever you want.

The non-polluting AQUAHEAT SF and TF series heat pumps is so energy efficient, it will keep your pool comfortably warm for a fraction of the cost of electric heaters and the enjoyment of using your pool all year round by far exceeds this cost.

The AQUAHEAT SF and TF series saves you up to 80% in operating cost. Whether you just want to extend your swimming season or swim all year round in a warm comfortable pool, AQUAHEAT heat pumps could pay for themselves in no time at all with the operating cost savings.

The AQUAHEAT heat pump gives you the perfect water temperature without the drawback of a higher electricity bill.


AQUAHEAT heat pumps are closed-cycle systems that can heat or cool your pool water. The AQUAHEAT heat pump uses advanced corrosion resistant titanium and polymer heat exchanger technology for longer operating life, and a temperature controlled pool helps to maximize your pool investment and at the same time improve your quality of life.

The dual thermostats offer precise temperature monitoring and control to maintain the desired water temperatures and the self-diagnostic control panel monitors and troubleshoots heat pump operation to ensure safe, dependable operation.

The AQUAHEAT heat pumps come with a status indicator LED display that gives the operator feedback of the current operating performance of the heat pump.

To ensure the quietest operation possible AQUAHEAT mounts all its compressors on rubber isolating cushions and rubber mounting blocks helping to eliminate any cabinet vibrations.

The AQUAHEAT pool heaters are designed and manufactured to meet international and local standards of performance and durability.

  • Heat water to your preferred temperature
  • Leading edge technology and built to last
  • Easy to control LED display which can be installed on the unit or remote for easy access
  • 50mm screw on coupling connections for easy installation
  • Silent and easy to operate
  • Very competitively priced - great value for money
All units are quality tested at the factory before delivery.


Gas called refrigerant is compressed using a compressor to make it super hot. The Hot gas passes through a heat exchanger in tubes heating the water passing through it. The expansion valve drops the pressure of the gas turning it into a very cold gas. The fan blows air across the cold gas to warm it up so that the compressor can compress it again. Essentially the heat is taken out of the air leaving cold air being expelled through the evaporator.

The above price excludes delivery and installation.

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