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Wasted water diverter

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The first part of a shower is usually cold and this cold water is being lost down the drain. You can save and re-use this water with the award winning, WASTED WATER DIVERTER. Most households do not have a hot water system or geyser located close to...

Each tap which means it takes time for the hot water to travel through the pipes and arrive hot at the tap. While you are not using the hot water tap, the water in the pipes cools down.  The next time you run the hot water tap, this cool water needs to be pushed through the pipes and is washed down the drain before the hot water arrives.

This cool water can be saved by installing a Water Diverter which automatically diverts the cool water. This cool water can be diverted to either a rainwater tank, a header tank in the roof to flush the toilets, to the garden or to top up the swimming pool.


It is a valve that diverts the cold water, before it reaches the tap, to either a rainwater tank, a storage tank, a garden, a pool or to livestock water.No electricity – means, no ongoing costs, no new wiring to new locations, no wastage of energy from pumps or heat loss in recirculating pipes.  It only requires some plumbing for the installation.

Product Features:  
  • Thermostatically controlled valve.
  • Maximum operating pressure 1400 KPA.
  • Minimum operating pressure 200 – 300 KPA.
  • Upper switching temperature 85 degrees.
  • Lower switching temperature 35 degrees.
  • Switching time 1.09 Seconds
  • Uses no electricity
  • Obtains nearly 100% water recovery
  • Suitable for both retrofit and new installations
  • Can be installed upstream from any fixture where hot water is used
  • Compliments other water saving systems and products.

The Redwater™ Diverter was invented in Australia and is patented in Australia, New Zealand, USA and South Africa.
The Redwater™ Diverter can be installed in a number of places. For optimum water saving, The Redwater™ Diverter should be installed in the areas that you use the most hot water.  

  • Kitchen sink – where the hot water is used regularly throughout the day
  • Bathroom – Can be installed in a way to service multiple fixtures such as the shower or the basin, or for the shower only.


How the system works

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