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Gflow water unit plus 3 way valve

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Gflow System - Robust & Reliable. 

Innovative Gflow System - The simple, economical, easy to install grey water system to keep your garden green. 

Using water from the washing machine and bathrooms, the Gflow automatically diverts, filters and disperses the water to the garden via a state of the art GF Drip line irrigation system. No need to ever move a sprayer around the garden again! 

The Manufacturer has spent over 8 years developing a safe, clean, low maintenance, robust and reliable technology that meets the most stringent environmental health and safety requirements. The thermally protected vortex pump as well as the side mounted, clog resistant float switch have both been specifically designed for grey water use, ensuring trouble free watering. The Gflow system is the only grey water system on the market with both Smart Water Mark & Water Wise certification.

Why choose a Gflow system?

Affordable to buy, economical to run

Robust & reliable, plug & play, compact, automated design

East to install (Can be installed above ground, partially buried or even wall mounted)

Hygienic & low maintenance. (Every 3 - 6 months)

No foul or unpleasant odours (when used with a GF Drip line system)

Easy to pull out sludge trap basket

Extra large graded filter

Innovative, fail safe, self drain & auto de-sludge mechanism

Specially designed, thermally protected vortex pump.

Specially designed, side mounted clog resistant float switch

3 Way manual valve to isolate the system when not required

Smart Water Mark & Water wise certified.

Can convert a hand moved single outlet hose to a multiple (up to 6 station) watering zone when used with a GF Rotor

No need to ever move sprinkler around the garden again.

The Gflow also can be used as a water transfer pump station and a drainage transfer

Transfer Pump Station Drainage

Transfer Pump Station Water transfer Station

When every drop counts.

Harvest and re-direct rainfall and aircon water to:

A rainwater tank

Fruit trees/gardens

Swimming pool top up

Get rid of unwanted floor water.

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