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Rotor 6 station drip line controller

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Grey Water GF drip irrigation line

State of the art drip-line specifically designed for use with the G-Flow and Grey Flow grey water systems.

The grey water GF drip irrigation line delivers a slow and precise flow of grey water irrigating the garden.

It is simple to install and flexible enough to be used in all gardens regardless of shape, size and undulation.

The Grey Water GF drip irrigation line has a self cleaning turbulent flow path ensuring years of clog free watering.

Designed for both sub-surface and sub-mulch applications, the grey water GF drip irrigation line kit contains all the components necessary to set up a grey water irrigation system, simply and quickly.

Advantages of the GF Drip Irrigation line kit:

  • High flow 8L/hr dripper
  • Evenly spaced, pre inserted emitters
  • 0.3m Spacing for more effective watering
  • Made from flexible polyethylene tubingDripline layout example
  • Simple to install
  • Can be used in any shapes of gardens
  • Designed for both sub-surface and Sub-mulch applications
  • Self cleaning turbulent flow path

The GF Rotor (Grey Water diversion system irrigation controller)

  • The GF Rotor operates evenly and sequentially from 2 – 6 watering zones.
  • The GF Rotor is a hydraulic indexing valve so no external power required.  
  • The GF Rotor is flow activated so the unit will operate from a gravity fed tank with less than 1m head pressure.
  • Improves the performance of an drip line irrigation system by splitting the flows and increasing the operating pressure.
  • Simple and reliable.  Easy to install and operate.

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