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P106S - 20g/h with flow meter and surge protection

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Category: Ozone generators

Ozone generator - 20g/h

Water & Air Cooled

230VAC 50Hz

Electronics have CE and RoHS

8mm ID PTFE Bulkheads for O2 in and O3 out

Glazed Ceramic & Stainless Steel Detonator Design

Teflon used Inside to Bulk Heads

Multiple High CFM Cooling Fans

Earth & Protection Fuse

Housing manufactured from treated Aluminium or Stainless Steel to suit the specific requirement

Black non oxidising fan grills fitted to housing with easy access fuse holder

Provided with Membrane Air Dryers, Oxygen Concentrator, Air Filters and Compressor

Flow and Amp Meters

Neon indicator lights.

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