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Fertilising - weed - fungi and pest control programmes

Fertilising - weed - fungi & pest control programs

Fertiliser, weed, fungi and pest control are key areas of landscape maintenance and the only way to be consistent in keeping a garden well manicured is to invest in a program like this to ensure that action is taken before it’s too late.

With more than 21 years experience, Subtropical Garden & Pool Services cc, has found an additional services program must be implemented and done on a regular basis to avoid damages or even loss of lawns and plants in your garden, due to either a lack of nutrients in the soil, diseases and/or pests attacking it.

There are many types of landscape styles, lawn types, weeds, fungus and pests in Gauteng. Some plants and lawns are renowned for attracting diseases and pests. To keep a garden healthy and looking beautiful all the time takes a lot of time and knowledge.  We at Subtropical Garden & Pool Services cc have several options available to assist homeowners with this type of maintenance and to ensure the garden looks great throughout the year.

The benefits of our additional services programs:-

  1. A longer life of your lawn and plants in your garden
  2. Healthier lawn and plants in your garden due to the timely treatments
  3. Professional and experienced technicians
  4. Protecting you investment and adding huge value to your property
  5. Receive an annual report on the state of your garden, identifying illegal invader plants which needs to be removed and any other suggestions which will improve your garden.

Our fees for the Bronze, Silver & Gold programs will be billed monthly which makes it more affordable to you.

Any new plant material suggested or used will be invoiced after the service has been completed.


If you are interested in getting a quotation on this product or service, please complete and submit our service request form and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.