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Lanscape design and installations

Landscape design


The two questions we get asked the most are:-  

Q - When is the best time of the year to landscape my garden?

A - Autumn  and Winter months are the best time of the year to start planning your next Spring and Summer garden. Although most plants will go dormant now, the roots are still actively growing and getting establishing every month. This will give the new plants the advantage over plants only planted in Spring and Summer to absorb the first and following rain fall to the maximum. Very little to no soil erosion will take place and the roots will be ready to feed the plants immediately.

Q - How much money should I spend on landscaping my garden?

A - Take the value of your property into account, as well as how quickly you want an established garden. If for example your property is worth R1 million, we suggest that you spend between R50 000 (5% for small plants) and R100 000 (10% for larger plants) on landscaping your garden. These prices do not include any pots, trellises, water feature or any other hard landscaping material – only plants and lawn.

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