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G-Flow grey water systems

The G-Flow is an easy to install, low maintenance, affordable, robust and reliable grey water system. Using water from the washing machine, shower, bath and bathroom sinks, the G-Flow automatically diverts, filters and disperse the water....

Reliable, Robust, Innovative & Award Winning -

The manufacturer has spent over 8 years developing a world patented tank-less, grey water system diversion system which is robust and reliable, hygienic, low maintenance, affordable, and that meets the most stringent environmental health and safety requirements. The Grey Flow Grey Water systems are fast becoming the Green Water saving standard used in many arid regions of the world.

The G-Flow system is simple to use, economical run and easy to install. Using water from the washing machine, shower, bath and bathroom sinks, the G-Flow automatically diverts, filters and disperses the water to the garden via a drip line irrigation system.

With easy installation into both new and existing homes, the G-flow drip line irrigation system is an affordable option to keep your gardens green all year around, regardless of watering restrictions and droughts.

The G-Flow drip line irrigation system reuses the water that you have already paid for.

Advantages of installing a G-Flow Grey Water System:

  • Plug & play integrated unit, compact automated design

  • Hygienic & low maintenance (every 3-6 months)

  • No foul & unpleasant Odours

  • Install either above ground, wall mounted or partially buried

  • Fail safe (automatic diversion to sewer during power outages)

  • 3 Way manual valve for gravity diversion to sewer (when grey water not required)

  • Robust & reliable vortex pump with thermal protection

  • Specially designed (& Patented), clog resistant side mounted float switch

  • Innovative, self-drain & auto de-sludge mechanism

  • Extra large graded vertical filter

  • Easy to pull out sludge trap basket

  • Smart WaterMark & WaterWise certified

No need to ever move a sprinkler around the garden again!

The G-Flow is the only system on the South African market that is supplied with a specially designed grey water drip irrigation system and the option of a 6 station rotor irrigation controller. The system automatically waters different areas of your garden every time you bath/shower or do the laundry. 

International standards in many countries recommended using a drip tube/line irrigation system with a grey water system in order to prevent any bacteria in the grey water system from getting airborne or settling on top of the lawn & garden.

The GF drip tube/line irrigation pipe is specially designed for use with the G-Flow system. It can be used for both sub-surface and sub-mulch applications. This drip line is easily installed into gardens without interfering with the existing landscape.

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