An integral part of formal gardens is the use of repetition and symmetry, especially in a large garden. This repetition and symmetry can be achieved by making use of hard landscaping features such as a fountain, a container collection, a checke​r-board type paved garden, etc. But more importantly, this repetition and symmetry can be reinforced by using garden edging to provide definition to garden beds, garden rooms, etc.      

Cobble stones are a cost-effective, easy way in which to provide definition to all your focal points in your home garden. The aim of this section, namely hard landscaping, is to provide you with an easy guide to a Do It Yourself garden edging using cobble stones. Garden edging will provide you with defined garden beds, defined pathways, and a general neat, landscaped, professionally organized look in your home garden. Without edging you can easily end up with disorganized chaos that might detract from the joys of gardening.One of the basic principles of landscape design, namely simplicity, can be achieved with the use of landscape edging, in this case the cobble edging, to create a unified look that will also serve to define your home garden.