Instant lawn is divided into two categories depending on the cold tolerance. Warm season grasses prefer sub-tropical and tropical climates thriving in temperatures above 26 degrees celsius but will do quite well in the southern states becoming dormant over the winter months. Warm season grasses can use as little as one third of the water required for cool season grasses over summer. Warm season grass varieties include Couch, Kikuyu and Buffalo. 

Kikuyu is the most drought resistant and very tough. Unfortunately it also has high weed potential and can easily escape from your garden into sensitive surrounding areas. Couch has superior appearance because of its finer leaf (especially the hybrid varieties such as “Santa Anna”). Buffalo is quite slow growing therefore establishment is slow. It is also damaged by weed sprays. Its strong points are that it is very hardy, drought resistant and because it is slow growing you do not have to cut it very often.

Popular for sandy soil areas and particularly good in coastal areas. Cool season grasses do best in temperate climates preferring temperatures between 15 and 24 degrees Celsius. Cool season grass varieties include fescue, bentgrass and kentucky bluegrass.

Cool season instant lawn

LM; All seasons evergreen; All shade over

Seed or instant turf are the best ways to establish cool season grasses. Planting can be done all year but the best time is in August/September to take advantage of the Spring rains.

To prepare the area spray existing vegetation with glysophate based herbicide, leave for two weeks then till the area to loosen the top soil to a depth of 5cm. Re-consolidate by human weight, level, fertilise and lay the instant turf. Keep the instant turf constantly moist during establishment. If sowing seed, spread it evenly, rake over it lightly and keep moist.

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