Irrigation is a key part of landscaping in South Africa and the only way to be consistent in keeping a property well watered during an unstable weather cycle.

The benefits of having an irrigation system preventative service agreement in place are as follows:

  1. You can expect a longer life of the irrigation system.
  2. Healthier lawn and landscape with timely adjustments and settings being made to the system.
  3. Professional and experienced technicians to attend to your irrigation system.
  4. Protection of your investment and prolonging its functionality.

There are many irrigation systems in Gauteng that are in operation but have not been serviced to work properly and effectively. To maintain a system takes time and knowledge. We, at Subtropical Garden & Pool Services cc, have several options available to assist homeowners with this maintenance.

With Subtropical Garden & Pool Services cc 21 years experience it has shown that irrigation systems must be maintained on a regular basis just as any other working equipment.

How we charge and what you get with this service

  1. Service and repairs are billed monthly on the Silver and Gold package and annually on the Bronze package.
  2. Due to the nature of underground irrigation pipes and equipment, service prices exclude any parts and equipment which may need replacing during the servicing process.
  3. The new parts and/or material used during the service process can and will only be invoiced after the service has been completed.

Please print, complete and return the following document to stay on top of your investment.

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