Most people would agree that few things add more to an attractive landscape than a beautiful, well built koi pond. The growing popularity of koi ponds today is due to the fact that they add not just beauty to a setting, but also a sense of serenity. The sight of brightly coloured koi, gracefully swimming in a clear body of water, coupled with the soothing sound of a gentle waterfall is hard to forget.

The problem is that most people do not realize that building a successful koi pond is much more complicated than they think. Many people start out thinking that to build a koi pond all they need to do is provide a hole in the ground that will hold water for the koi to live in. The reality is that unless the koi pond is well thought out and properly designed, the whole experience can be a real disappointment.

Today there is a serious problem when it comes to the correct koi pond design. The problem lies in the fact that very few people can agree on what constitutes proper koi pond design.  Most people who decide to build a koi pond start out very excited, and are determined to build it right the first time. Then the problem starts. When they start researching and talking to their friends about koi pond design, they soon get overwhelmed with conflicting information.

Much of the advice comes from individuals who, although well meaning, have limited experience in regards to koi pond design. They may have built a pond that turned out to be very successful, but unless you build a koi pond exactly the same size and shape, what worked for them may not work for you.

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The three basic requirements for a successful koi pond are:

  • First, it needs to provide excellent water quality. This doesn’t mean just clear water, but water that is healthy for the koi. Without healthy water your koi experience could be one of constantly treating sick koi.
  • Second, it needs to be built so that predators cannot harm the koi. Having a “deep area” for them to hide is not enough. The whole pond needs to be deep enough and contoured in a fashion so that predators will not even waste their time trying to get to the koi.
  • Finally, a successful koi pond design should be as easy as possible to maintain. Many koi ponds, due to their poor design, are extremely difficult and time consuming to take care of.

20 Questions you have to ask and answer before you build a koi pond yourself

  1. How large should I make my pond?
  2. Where should I place my pond?
  3.  Can I grow plants in my pond?
  4. Which pond is better, a rubber liner or a concrete pond?
  5.  How important is the shape and contour of the pond?
  6. How deep should I make the pond?
  7. How important is the filter?
  8. How far away from my pond can I install my filter system?
  9. Do I need a Pre-Filter?
  10. What size pump will I need?
  11. What size pipe should I use?
  12.  How important is it to have a bottom drain?
  13. How important is it to have a skimmer?
  14. How important is it to have jets?
  15.  How important is it to have an auto-fill?
  16. Do I need to install an ultraviolet light?
  17. Should I install under water lights in my pond?
  18. Should I install an automatic feeder on my koi pond?
  19. How many koi can I put in my pond?
  20.  What should I look for when selecting someone to build my koi pond?